2013 Teroldego, Single Vineyard from LangeTwins Family Winery

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Teroldego is an ancient grape variety that has been grown in Italy for hundreds of years. Teroldego is a deep colored red grape that grows in the northern region of Italy, mostly in Trentino. The wines there are deep ruby in color, almost inky in color, with intense fruit characteristics. Right after bottling the wine is soft and needs very little aging but can be cellared for up to 10 years. Teroldego is known for its spicy red fruits, faint aromas of pine & almond and edgy acid. Aromas of dark cherry and blueberry are present through the finish. 97% of worldwide production comes from Italy and 2% from the United States. The remaining 1% is spread between Australia, Argentina and Brazil and Canada. Of the 629 bearing acres of Teroldego in California, 70% is from Sacramento and San Joaquin counties (per Wine Institute 2018 figures).


LangeTwins Winery has undertaken a commitment to bring forth single vineyard production of varietals. One of those varietals is Teroldego. Their Teroldego has some of the traditional flavor profile, but also adds some cranberry and blackberry with some black pepper and cinnamon. Not an everyday wine for all foods, but that is excellent with anything that includes bacon, BBQ’ed pork or a BBQ’ed beef.

Today LangeTwins offers the 2017 Teroldego from Jahant Woods 02 Vineyard in the Jahant AVA. Retail is $32.






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