2011 Trespass Vineyard Cabernet Franc

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For a quick background, Cabernet Franc is the parent grape of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. As such it possess the typical aromas of raspberry, bramble and bell pepper (pyrazines). The bell pepper can range from sharp and almost obtrusive to a sweeter roasted pepper or a spiced chocolate. This 2011 100% Cabernet Franc wine is in the top ten Cabernet Franc wineries in Napa Valley (IMHO). A dark deep red on the eyes with a medium body. On the nose, aromas of cherry, wood and black pepper are prevalent. On the palate, the fruit is strong with black cherry and an earthiness. The tannins are kept in check with a soft vanilla finish. The wine is bottled unfiltered and un-fined. Kirk Venge, along with Don & Dana Gallagher, collaborate in the winemaking process. An excellent example of Napa Valley Cabernet Franc.



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