Allégorie – 2014 Tempranillo, Calaveras County

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Allégorie Wines is a sister winery to Val du Vino in Murphys, California. Here winemaker Jonathon Phillips crafts some small batches of wine with  “creative genius”. One of my personal favorites is the Spanish varietal Tempranillo. The name comes from the Spanish word temprano, which means “early” as it ripens earlier than other grapes in Spain. If you have visited any town in Spain, Tempranillo is available ubiquitously as Starbucks coffee shops here in the USA. On the eyes this wine is a brilliant purple color with medium to medium-heavy viscosity. On the nose, it starts out fresh and with black berry fruit. On the palate, you get the earthiness (dust), tobacco and a slight aged leather in the mouth. The finish picks up on the oak and the tannins are held in check with the cherry and slight vanilla. Paired with simple spicy chicken enchiladas, this was a delightful and mouth filling pairing.



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