Hoopes Vineyard 2015 Chardonnay, Genny’s Vineyard, Carneros

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Hoopes Vineyard has a great tagline with a picture of the dog jumping thru the hoop being “In Dogged Pursuit of Perfect Wines”. It also could be “we will jump thru hoops to make your experience enjoyable”. Known for their Cabernet Sauvignon’s, I also picked up a couple of bottles of their 2015 Carneros Chardonnay. It is simply excellent! Winemakers Ann Vawter and Jennifer Rue, found a vineyard in Carneros called Genny’s Vineyard. Carneros is area heavily influence by the maritime coolness from San Pablo Bay. It also has a very shallow soil. Thus the vineyard has a low yield with small berry size. It does produce a desirable and distinctive character in which to make Chardonnay. The wine is made in 100% French oak barrels, with 33% being new. It is aged 10 months Sur Lie. They only produce 146 cases of Chardonnay. On the eye, a bright almost glistening golden straw color and medium viscosity. On the nose, pineapple, pear and honeysuckle. On the palate, French pastry and vanilla crème brûlée produce a fullness not normally found in many Chardonnay’s. The pear and green apple produce a wonderful and long lasting finish. Paired last evening with a light stir fried Teriyaki chicken with mushrooms, snow peas and cauliflower rice. Hoopes is now one of our new favorite Chardonnay’s.





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