2012 Jazz Cellars, Rhapsody – 50/50 Blend of Roussanne & Marsanne

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From Saralee’s Vineyard in the Russian River, this wine is an equal blend of two mouthwatering grapes- Marsanne and Roussanne. On the eye, the wine is a medium-heavy viscosity and golden straw in color. The wine exudes flora and honeysuckle notes on the nose. In the mouth you get a wonderful mix of the two varietals. With the Roussanne, pear and roasted chestnuts are the predominant flavors. With the Marsanne, it gives depth and rich textures on the palate with a touch of honeydew melon. Additionally Marsanne helps in the viscosity of an almost oily quality with the silkiness of the Marsanne. See a previous article on Jazz Cellars in Murphys, California at: https://californiawinesandwineries.com/2018/06/07/jazz-cellars/ . Paired with Maguro and Sake sashimi, this made an exquisite lunch.





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