Alyris Vineyards presents their Pièce de Résistance – Carnal Wine Company

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Alyris Vineyards, with Ewan & Cyndi Downie and Rudy Zuidema, with notable wins in the wine community, launched another venture, Carnal Wine Company. It is hard to imagine something much beyond Alyris Vineyards award winning Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon, but they have now a premiere wine called Carnal Cab.

20181029_171909 (3)
This wine is for collectors only, but stay tuned as they are making a one-time offer later in this article. Only 50 cases were produced of this premium wine. Carnal Cab, identifies the finest of the award winning Audition Series barrels and produces an extraordinary and sensuous yet delightful wine. It is 100% Cabernet from Mt George estate on the hillside east of Napa. See previous article on Alyris at

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This wine is set aside for Alyris Club Members and available only in 6 packs. The price is $100/bottle, but don’t reel back, this is a bargain price. Now for the good news! Alyris Vineyards & Carnal Wine Company has set aside fifteen six-pack’s (first come first served) to be sold to discriminating buyers after reading this article. Normally, you cannot buy this wine unless you are a Club Member of Alyris, so this is an exceptional opportunity to acquire and taste some magnificence and unique Mt George hillside estate grown wine.

AlyrisCave3 (1)

The wine is aged in 100% new French oak barrels and then stored in their cave for an additional year. Rudy who is already a noted winemaker in the Napa Valley, has seriously produced his pièce de résistance in Carnal Cab. This is no ordinary Napa Valley Cabernet with strong tannins, this is a silky smooth non-lip puckering wine. Ewan describes it as “backing off on the sugar, or sweeteners and went for a big mountain side Cabernet flavor” with fruit forward embracing nectar on the palate. Perhaps that is where the name Carnal came into play??? This was truly produced a seductive dance with a marinated and BBQed tri-tip last week.

20181029_213304 (1)

So while this piece is on their Cabernet, they also do a Carnal Zinfandel and soon a Carnal Chardonnay.
This Carnal Cab is definitely worth a spin around the block for a pleasurable Napa Valley Cabernet experience.




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    Would appreciate if you put Ewan and Cyndi Downie….. thanks
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    […] To get a perspective on this boutique and artisan winery located in Napa Valley, see a previously published story at: . Here you can read up on Ewan and Cyndi Downie, the owners of the winery and Rudy Zuidema, their winemaker. In the article you can read why their estate vineyards, located on the back side of Mt George provide a great environment, especially for their award winning deep and mouth quenching Cabernet Sauvignon. Click on:… […]


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