Exceptional, Outstanding and Top Wines of 2016 – Click TAB above for details.

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Exceptional, Outstanding and Top Wines of 2016   – Click TAB above for details.

In 2016 I was fortunate enough to taste over 1600+ wines. While most were good to above average, some five wines stood out and rated as EXCEPTIONAL and should be sought after and tasted ASAP. Each would contribute to your cellar. These wines can be secured from the wineries based on availability.

Another 12 wines were rated OUTSTANDING and provide an excellent wine for tasting and procuring. These wines are the paramount of quality for California wines. Again most would be purchased at the winery only.

Another 29 wines are in the TOP WINES IN CALIFORNIA in various varietals. These vines are markedly above average, unique in specific characteristics and should be tried soon. Most of these would be sold at the winery only.

This year I also added some “OUT OF STATE” and “OUT OF COUNTRY” wines that made an impact on the palate, demonstrated a unique quality or provided a new twist on the varietal. Most of these wines can be procured at the listing provided.



Michael Kelly


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